Top 2009 trend (SF edition): street food

The economic crisis has not been kind to the restaurant business in San Francisco. Many places have closed after more than a decade in the city. But street food became very popular in 2009 and found its own cult following. Perhaps because of belt-tightening, SF foodies flocked in large numbers to food carts and trendy taco trucks (that don’t serve tacos but other cuisines). My favorites are listed below together with their Twitter names so you can follow them and find out where they will be and what they are serving):

  • Adobo Hobo (@adobohobo): Filipino chicken adobo, very savoury, served on rice; also has a very delicious vegetarian version. He began serving sisig tacos which I have not yet tried but will soon.
  • Tanguito: Argentine empanada taco truck near Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Carte 415 (@carte415): gourmet lunch sandwiches in SOMA
  • Gumbo Cart (@gumbocart): serves very good gumbo (with huge chunks of sausage and vegetables)
  • Pizza Hacker (@pizzahacker): thin-crust pizza with wonderful toppings like blue cheese and figs
  • Crème Brulée Cart (@cremebruleecart): not your average creme brulee; I had coffee creme brulee which was divine
  • Los Compadres (Folsom and Spear): this is really a taco truck that serves good, cheap tacos and burritos in SOMA. My favorite: the three tacos with beef, served with very spicy sauce and peppers, for $4.50.

I am sure we’ll be seeing more food carts in 2010. If you think I should try other food carts, please post your suggestions below.

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