Varsano Luxury Suites: new boutique hotel opens in Tel Aviv

Living room in Varsano Suites Tel Aviv

A new boutique hotel called Varsano Suites has just opened in Neve Tzedek my favorite neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Until now, I’ve been sending people to Nina Suites, which is a terrific place to stay and until recently the only boutique hotel in the area, but unfortunately is often fully booked. Now I can point people to Varsano Luxury Suites, just down the street. There are four types of suites (total of 6 apartments) arranged around an inner courtyard: Studio ($280), Deluxe ($350), Loft ($400) and Family ($550).

Courtyard in Varsano Suites Tel Aviv

Bedroom in Varsano Suites Tel Aviv

All suites have a kitchen, WiFi, washer-dryer, air conditioning (necessary in the steamy Tel Aviv summers), and flat screen TVs. Varsano is just a stone’s throw from the Susan Dallal Center where you can see many theatre and dance performances. You can also walk to the beach, just minutes away, shop in one of the many trendy boutiques in Neve Tzedek, hang out in the cafes and patisseries, or if you feel you need to get your running legs in shape, run all the way to Jaffa, which isn’t so far away. In fact, you can walk there.

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Varsano Luxury Suites
11 Shabazi St.
65148 Neve Tzedek
Tel Aviv, Israel

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