Virgin goes into the hotel business

virgin group logo

If you like flying Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Blue and Virgin Pacific, why not stay in a Virgin hotel? Virgin Group Ltd., founded by Richard Branson, is investing almost $500 million with its partners on luxury hotels over the next three years. Virgin’s brand is strong enough to attract young, urban travelers who like contemporary luxury blended with high style.

According to Virgin, the hotels will be in the four-star category and will cater to “high income, well-educated, metropolitan ‘creative class’” customers. The group is looking to open hotels in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Boston and Los Angeles. They have plans to expand globally later.

The travel business is slowly reviving after a 30-year low in 2009. The luxury hotel market in China, India and the rest of Asia (except Japan) is experiencing a boom. I would not be surprised to see Virgin hotels in Asia in the very near future.

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