Youpi et Voila: modern southwest French cuisine in Paris 10th arrondissement


restaurant serving tarn food

Youpi & Voila is a newcomer on the Paris dining scene. A tiny restaurant tucked away in a very quiet side street in the 10th arrondissement, it is difficult to find but worth it.

I had dinner at Youpi with friends who are from the Tarn et Garonne area in southwest France and they told me that Youpi’s chef, Patrice Gelbart, hails from the same region. There is only one menu every night which consists of 2 starters, main dish and dessert. The food is not at all heavy, as I was afraid it would be. Rather the dishes were quite innovative, light and savory. Reservations are necessary.

Youpi & Voila
8 rue Vicq d’Azir
75010 Paris, France

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