About Casey Hynes

Casey Hynes is a writer, editor and amateur photographer based in Beijing, China. After spending a year and a half writing features on Capitol Hill for Roll Call, a daily newspaper in Washington DC, moved to Asia to travel the world and write. She has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Asian Correspondent, Travel Wire Asia, and a number of publications in China. She has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. Samples of her work and photography are available at: www.caseyhynes.com.

Travel guide to Seoul, Korea

Seoul, South Korea, is a gem of an Asian city, though it is sometimes overlooked in favor of places such as Hong Kong and Tokyo. Seoul is a blend of West and East, with clear American influences infusing fashionable areas of the city (e.g. Dunkin’ Donuts in the tony and now infamous Gangnam neighborhood). The […]

Travel guide to Pai, Thailand

To describe Pai, Thailand, to someone who hasn’t been there is to try to explain a place that comes across more fanciful than realistic. A tiny, picturesque village set in the mountains of northern Thailand, where bamboo bungalows hug the banks of the Pai River. Dreadlocked hippies in patchwork jeans hang out at the local […]

Guide to the best hotels, resorts and spas in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Thailand. A delicious blend of history (the Buddhist temples) and modernity, Chiang Mai manages to retain an air of friendliness and relaxation, and has a well-deserved reputation for being affordable and fun. It is also a mecca for people who love Thai food. […]

Three luxury beach resort hideaways in Southeast Asia

There’s never a wrong time to plan a romantic beach getaway, especially when you’re planning your escape in Asia. Home to some of the world’s most spectacular sites and breathtaking landscapes, it’s also the region to go for beautiful, relaxing beaches that are significantly more affordable than in other parts of the world. Though places […]

Travel Guide to Beijing, China

Beijing’s status as an It destination was confirmed recently when Lonely Planet named it one of the top cities to visit in 2013. But expats and savvy travelers have long known that the Chinese capital holds charm, luxury and excitement that go far beyond the tourist traps of the Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Of course […]