About Shmuel Browns

Shmuel Browns is a photographer, writer and licensed tour guide who specializes in leading tours to archaeological and nature sites throughout Israel. He is passionate about Israel and his knowledge and insights will enable you to uniquely experience this amazing country. Shmuel shares his expertise and photographs at: http://israeltours.wordpress.com.

Hiking in Israel’s Judean Desert

Hiking in Israel is a national pastime – youth groups, the scouts, the army connect to the Biblical land with their feet. Schools have an annual, end of year hike. Many young people when they finish their army service reconnect with friends by hiking together on the Israel Trail, a 945 km trail that crisscrosses Israel, […]

Exploring the Haram el-Sharif in Jerusalem’s Old City

When visiting Jerusalem’s Old City and exploring the Armenian, Christian, Muslim and Jewish quarters take the opportunity to go up onto the rectangular platform that was built by King Herod 2000 years ago that straddles the hill above the Tyropean valley. To Muslims this is the Haram el-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary; to Jews and Christians […]

Israel packs a lot into a small country

The next time you think about packing your bags and traveling, think about visiting Israel, a destination that packs a lot into a small country: mountains, desert, sea coast, forests and history. Israel is situated on a moving tectonic plate separated by a section of the Great African Rift and the legendary Jordan River is chilly […]

Guide to Herodium, Israel: location of Herod’s Tomb and Palace

Not far from Jerusalem lies Herodium, a palace/fortress on the top of a man-made mountain with a view all the way to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. It is one of my favorite places and I guide there often. Herodium is unique among sites like Masada, Jericho and desert fortresses that Herod […]