Samode Haveli: Jaipur Heritage Hotel

When traveling in Rajasthan, one has a choice of staying in one of the new five-star hotels recently built along the periphery of the main cities.  While these hotels are luxurious, they lack the character and connection to the city’s history.  This is why we highly recommend staying in heritage hotels, which are usually old palaces or residences of the local Maharaja which have been meticulously restored and converted into boutique hotels.

Samode Haveli in Jaipur is one of these places. Built over 175 years ago within the city of Jaipur by Rawal Sheo Singhji as the manor house for the royal family, it reflects the style and elegance of the family and the art and architecture of the times and culture, all of which have been impressively restored today. A special feature of samode haveli, the elephant ramp at the entrance, was constructed in the 1940s for the marriage ceremony of the late Rawal Sahib’s aunt.

samode haveli

The 39 rooms and suites of the Haveli reflect the rich history and culture of Samode. Built across many levels, the former royal apartments are now deluxe rooms and suites that have retained the exquisite luxuriousness of the past with contemporary amenities. The private courtyards and balconies look out upon the charming pool, fountain courts and gardens of the Haveli.

samode haveli

The former dining hall that serves as a restaurant is bedecked with colourful hand-painted murals. There’s a choice between traditional Rajasthani cuisine and international flavours within these frescoed interiors. Afternoon tea in the regal Veranda Lounge is soothing and meditative as you relax and watch the gentle world go by. Cocktails or a meal by the grand pool is a luxurious indulgence as you lie back in the comfortable salasor day beds that are strewn with large, regal bolsters.

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Samode Haveli Jaipur
Gangapole, Jaipur – 302002, Rajasthan, India

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