Three boutique hotels in Israel

I have posted articles about boutique hotels in Tel Aviv. But every now and then, someone asks me where to stay in Jerusalem, Haifa or around the Galilee. Although Israel is a small country and one could do day trips from Tel Aviv, sometimes it’s better to stay overnight in another city. In Haifa, I […]

Three fantastic restaurants in Israel

Tel Aviv has a lot of good restaurants and I’ve written reviews about many of them. But what if you find yourself outside Tel Aviv, for example, in Jerusalem or in the north near Haifa? I have three restaurants for you, all of which serve wonderful food. (1) Jerusalem:┬áMordoch (70 Agrippas, by the entrance to […]

Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Tel Aviv

I’ve written reviews of my favorite restaurants and hotels in Tel Aviv, but to my surprise, until now, I have not posted a list of favorite hotels. The “boutique hotel” scene has not conquered Tel Aviv to the same extent it has in Istanbul, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Barcelona. Hotels in Tel Aviv tend to belong […]

Mapplr adds more favorites in Tel Aviv: tapas, North African, desserts and Italian

I enjoy eating out in Tel Aviv. The city has so many good restaurants and keeps adding more. Since I love ceviche and tapas, I am pleased to add Tapeo, a tapas bar and ceviche restaurant which has two locations: one in Tel Aviv, another in Hertzelia. If you are craving sweets or simply want […]

Abu Hassan: possibly the best hummus in Tel Aviv

One of Mapplr’s readers alerted me to what many consider to be the best place for hummus in Tel Aviv — a restaurant called Abu Hassan, located in Jaffa. The first Abu Hassan opened in Jaffa on 1 Dolphin Street, but there are two other locations on Shivtai Israel Street. Abu Hassan is also known […]

Mapplr adds four new restaurants to Tel Aviv favorites

Just in time for the fall travel season. As I have mentioned in previous articles, there’s no shortage of good restaurants and cafes in the city. Here are four new restaurants to check out when you visit Tel Aviv, which finally is on Google maps (except, for now, the street names are in Hebrew — […]

Hotel Montefiore: stylish boutique hotel and restaurant in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is getting a new stylish boutique hotel and restaurant. The Montefiore has just opened with 12 rooms, a restaurant and bar, in the center of Tel Aviv close to Rothschild Boulevard and the Bauhaus buildings. Until now, the only alternative to the large chain hotels has been the Nina Cafe Suites in the […]