Il Bacaro: delicious food in a tiny restaurant hidden in a corner of Rome

On our first night in Rome, we dined with friends at Il Bacaro, a restaurant that they recommended. Since our friends are locals, we trust their choices. But when it came time to head to the restaurant, we could not find it on our (paper) map. Thank heavens for Google Maps! We found Il Bacaro […]

Dal Bolognese: chic crowd, delicious food in Rome

Romans have two great pasttimes: eating good food and watching people. If you want to see a truly Roman social scene at full throttle and enjoy one of the best meals you’ll ever have in the city, Dal Bolognese is the place. Located right on the Piazza del Popolo, it is extremely popular with politicians, […]

Al Granasso: lunch with the locals near the Piazza del Popolo

You won’t find Al Granasso in online or paper travel guides. I discovered it after a shopping round in the area around Via Condotti, not far from the Piazza del Popolo (above). What led me to Al Granasso were two very simple rules I follow to avoid being stuck in restaurants filled with tourists (and […]

Il Buco: excellent Tuscan food near the Pantheon in Rome

So you’ve just finished wandering inside the Pantheon, gazing with wonder at the perfect symmetry of the dome and the massive columns that, to this day, stand for the glory of ancient Rome. You’ve been walking for hours, darting in and out of churches, marveling at the Caravaggios and Berninis sprinkled across the city. It’s […]

Kame Hall: modern boutique hotel in the heart of Rome

It’s not easy to find reasonably priced, up-to-standard accommodations in Rome. The city is extremely popular with travelers and space is limited so there are a lot of dodgy, expensive hotels but few upgraded boutique hotels that don’t cost more than 200 EUR per night. That’s why I like Kame Hall, a four-room hotel in […]

Al Pompiere: traditional Roman cuisine in an old palazzo

I have been a fan of Al Pompiere for many years and come back to this restaurant whenever I am in Rome. It is difficult to find because the entrance is tucked away in a tiny side street off the via Arenula, close to the Sinagoga. You go up a flight of stairs to the […]

Floroom opens second stylish bed and breakfast in Florence

Floroom, a luxurious B&B in Florence, has just opened a second location called Floroom 2. Floroom 2 is on the via del Sole, between Piazza Strozzi and Piazza Santa Maria Novella. It has stylish apartments that combine traditional Tuscan design elements with modern technology. There is free Wi-Fi in every apartment (plus satellite TV and […]