Intown Luxury House: six elegant suites near Rome's Spanish Steps

Rome is one of my favorite cities because it’s a mysterious blend of history, art, architecture, fashion, design and gastronomy. However, compared to cities such as Amsterdam and Paris, there has been a dearth of boutique hotels that offer good contemporary design in intimate surroundings. That’s beginning to change. Intown Luxury House is a lovely […]

Mapplr’s favorite restaurants and cafes in Rome

Rome is one of the best places in the world for food. Whenever I am in Rome, I go to the local markets (the Campo Fiori is my favorite) and buy artichokes, tomatoes, beans, rucola, cherries (we’re talking about summer). And there’s nothing like spaghetti alla carbonara or all’amatriciana at a local trattoria. For this […]

Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Rome

There are few cities in the world that can compete with Rome when it comes to history, art, cuisine, shopping and atmosphere. In the past three years, luxurious, chic boutique hotels have opened in the city. Here is a list of our favorite boutique hotels in Rome (and apartments) that will suit different budgets. One […]