Italy Hotels Off the Beaten Track

To most, Italy means Florence, Venice and Rome.  Tourists and queues everywhere.  But there is a different Italy.  Here are our favorite hotels and cities in Italy off the beaten track: 1) Palazzo Gattini (Matera in Basilicata) 2) Relais Villa d’Amelia (Langhe, near Alba in Piedmont) 3) Villa Brunella (Capri, Campania) 4) Antico Borgo di […]

Sicily travel guide: best hotels, restaurants, itineraries and cuisine

This Sicily travel guide tells you how to get the most out of your holiday in Sicily: the best hotels and restaurants, the most interesting places to see, and the culinary highlights of Sicilian food. Sicily has been inhabited since ancient times. The island’s position in the Mediterranean, the richness of its volcanic soil (thanks […]

Algila Ortigia Charme Hotel in Siracusa, Sicily

If you want to stay in Siracusa, Sicily, check out the Algila Ortigia Charme Hotel in the center of Ortigia, a tiny island connected to Siracusa via a causeway. The hotel is hidden in a narrow lane lined with centuries-old buildings. Just a few steps away is the picturesque coastline. The most remarkable feature of the […]

Shalai Resort Near Mount Etna Sicily

Shalai Resort In Linguaglossa is a 19th century restored mansion on the northern east slope of Mount Etna, halfway between the mountain and the sea. It is a private house with an antique flavor and modern interior. Originally a family mansion and home in the past to important governmental functions, the building that now houses Shalai […]

Eremo della Giubiliana boutique hotel in Ragusa, Sicily

Eremo della Giubiliana Boutique Hotel is an exclusive 5-star resort housed in a fortified convent once occupied by the knights of Malta in the 15th century. The hotel is located a few kilometers south of Ragusa. Very old thick white stone walls surround and protect the courtyards and inner structure. Its white tower stands tall and […]

Hotel Cavalieri: charming boutique hotel in Siracusa, Sicily

Hotel Cavalieri is a beautifully designed boutique hotel in the ancient city of Siracusa (Syracuse) on the island of Sicily in Italy. Located on via Malta, just across the mythical islet of Ortigia (Ortygia), it is within walking distance to all the main sights of Siracusa, but is still easily accessible by car. Hotel Cavalieri […]

Grand Hotel Timeo: Stylish Elegance in Taormina

Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, Sicily has long been known as one of Italy’s most glamorous retreats. The first hotel to be built in Taormina, it sits directly across the Greek Theatre. Sweeping views of the coastline and majestic Mount Etna stretch out beyond. The hotel is part of Orient-Express hotels group. All 70 rooms and suites […]