Shakuf: surprising, innovative Mediterranean cuisine in Tel Aviv

CLOSED: THIS RESTAURANT HAS SHUT DOWN. Shakuf is one of the latest restaurants to appear on the Israeli dining scene and it stands out above the others by its unusual combination of ingredients, the surprising way in which the food is served, and the stylish, industrial chic interiors of the restaurant in a very quiet […]

Varsano Luxury Suites: new boutique hotel opens in Tel Aviv

A new boutique hotel called Varsano Suites has just opened in Neve Tzedek my favorite neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Until now, I’ve been sending people to Nina Suites, which is a terrific place to stay and until recently the only boutique hotel in the area, but unfortunately is often fully booked. Now I can point […]

Art + Hotel: boutique hotel merges art with accommodations in Tel Aviv

If you are going to Tel Aviv and want to stay in a boutique hotel, check out the newly opened Art + Hotel within walking distance from the beach. What makes Art + Hotel unique is they feature works of art (video installations, murals) by leading Israeli artists. The retro-style furniture and modern design, the […]

Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Tel Aviv

I’ve written reviews of my favorite restaurants and hotels in Tel Aviv, but to my surprise, until now, I have not posted a list of favorite hotels. The “boutique hotel” scene has not conquered Tel Aviv to the same extent it has in Istanbul, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Barcelona. Hotels in Tel Aviv tend to belong […]

Mapplr adds more favorites in Tel Aviv: tapas, North African, desserts and Italian

I enjoy eating out in Tel Aviv. The city has so many good restaurants and keeps adding more. Since I love ceviche and tapas, I am pleased to add Tapeo, a tapas bar and ceviche restaurant which has two locations: one in Tel Aviv, another in Hertzelia. If you are craving sweets or simply want […]

Abu Hassan: possibly the best hummus in Tel Aviv

One of Mapplr’s readers alerted me to what many consider to be the best place for hummus in Tel Aviv — a restaurant called Abu Hassan, located in Jaffa. The first Abu Hassan opened in Jaffa on 1 Dolphin Street, but there are two other locations on Shivtai Israel Street. Abu Hassan is also known […]

Mapplr adds four new restaurants to Tel Aviv favorites

Just in time for the fall travel season. As I have mentioned in previous articles, there’s no shortage of good restaurants and cafes in the city. Here are four new restaurants to check out when you visit Tel Aviv, which finally is on Google maps (except, for now, the street names are in Hebrew — […]