Top Five Treehouse Hotels

The word ‘treehouse’ tends to conjure images of rickety old sheds in trees that are a child’s secret den. But recently, some hotels have been getting in touch with their inner child and have created some truly amazing treehouse luxury hotels, made especially for adults as havens for relaxation. Here, we look at five truly stunning treehouse hotels.

Chateaux dans les Arbes, France

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Chateaux dans les Arbres

Located close to Bergerac in the Dordogne, France lie three fantastic treehouses modelled on the traditional French chateau. These miniature castles comprise multiple bedrooms, a lounge and look-out points and terraces, as well as authentic décor and a hot tub. Check out the Chateaux dans les Arbres.

Chole Mjini, Tanzania

mafia island treehouse

Chole Mjini (Mafia Island Treehouse)

This is the perfect holiday location for anyone who truly wants to get away from it all. This treehouse hotel Chole Mjini, located in Mafia Island, Tanzania, gives you a real taste of being a castaway, as there isn’t phone reception, Internet or electricity in the rooms.

Bangkok Tree House, Thailand

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Bangkok Treehouse

This eco-friendly 12-room hotel is located in the wilderness of Bang Krachao (known as the “green lung”). For a romantic getaway or a truly unique honeymoon, the “View with a Room” is the perfect place for you to fall asleep under the stars.


Airclad outdoor space

How to get the look: You can recreate your own dwelling under the stars. AirClad have developed an outdoor roof studio concept – perfect for a poolside location, chilling out with friends and watching the night sky.

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

luxury pods

Free Spirit Spheres

The Free Spirit Spheres in Canada are totally unlike any of the other treehouse hotels. Suspended off the ground, in and amongst the woodland the trees, these pods look like something from a fantasy realm.

luxury tree house

Free Spirit Treehouses

How to get the look: For your own private work space in the great outdoors, check out this Glide Pod developed by Podspace, which comprises underfloor heating and full-length sliding door for stunning views of the great outdoors.


Glidepod by Podspace

Bagthorpe Hall, England

bagthorpe hall

Bagthorpe Treehouse – Burnham Market, Norfolk

Located on the grounds of Bagthorpe Hall, Norfolk you can look enjoy all the modern delights of a luxury holiday (a four poster bed, hot tub and an enormous veranda) in this gorgeous oak treehouse.

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