Yoezer Wine bar: French food in the old Jaffa quarter

Tel Aviv has so many excellent restaurants and bars, many of which I have reviewed on Mapplr, but I will add one more to your list: Yoezer Wine Bar in the old Jaffa quarter by the clock tower. Jaffa is an atmospheric little neighborhood at the end of the promenade along the beach. It feels ancient, unlike the rest of Tel Aviv, which is very modern and busy.

  • Vibe: Set in an old stone house originally built for the Turkish governor; feels like a wine cellar with old colored tiles and vaulted ceilings; romantic, cozy and relaxed.
  • Pros: Excellent wine list, classic French and Italian dishes.
  • Cons: Challenging to walk back along the beach after drinking all that wine

Yoezer Wine Bar

Ish Habira 2, Kikar Hashaon
Jaffa, Israel

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  1. Hi Arni,
    technically it’s in jaffa, not really neve-tzedek.
    suggest u add comments or suggestions regarding their dishes.
    I’d describe their pate’ as french campagne style. very rough. enrcote was good. a bit pricy for whah u get.

    concerning catit- i think it’s the most surprising cuisine in israel. kind of fusion. wouldn’t call it med food. pros:: surprising tates. excelnet combination. excellent service. cons: pricy. try friday noon buisiness lunch. limitted selection. to sum it up – a must for the adventurous.